When Fashion Goes Dancing

There once was a very avant Swedish label known as Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair, designed by Astrid Olsson and Lee Cotter. Sadly, the label is no more, but the duo have morphed their talents into a new project, By The Number, which partners with a different collaborator each season. The collaborator for spring 2016 is Kenneth Kvarnström, one of Scandinavia’s foremost choreographers in contemporary dance, and the collection was presented as a dance performance at Nordiska Kompaniet in late August during Stockholm Fashion Week.

Their first contact was a few years ago when Kvarnström sought costumes for one of his performances. Good thing the two are former dancers and have always had the moving body in mind when designing. They also have the same references as Kvarnström when it comes to shapes, materials and images, which they say made this collaboration a very natural process.


The collection consists of women’s and men’s in a mix of materials from neoprene to waxed cotton, as well as shoes, in a color scheme of black with touches of white and blue. The key piece is the shirt that comes in various prints from Kvarnström. Breathing volume and undulating layers is significant for the collection.

By the Number will be available at select Swedish and international retailers


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