Happy 30th, Take On Me!

As far as one-hit wonders go, A-ha’s Take On Me is especially wonderful. (Ok, the Norwegian band had a few minor hits, too.) A catchy synth-pop tune, it took the world by storm in 1985, as well as a little thing called MTV, the ideal platform to show the video’s innovative rotoscoping animation, which is part pencil-sketch and part live-action.

Well, that and lead singer Morten Harket’s bulging triceps, sleek Nagel-esque haircut, and chiseled Swayze-esque cheekbones. Not to mention his two-and-a-half octave vocal range — enough to make anyone swoon. With that, the song may have taken the world by storm with its hilariously bad original title, The Juicy Fruit Song. Maybe. By the way, the band is still a band, after a second reunion earlier this year. Their full tenth album, Cast In Steel, is due to be released out any day.

Now let’s reminisce…

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