You’ve Got Hate Mail

Ever want to insult somebody, but do it with humor and style — and anonymity? Now you can. Tweet your insult (the shorter and more profane, the better, as in “Arse Face” or “Fuck You and Fuck Your Shit Legs” or “You Look Like Gaddafi in a Wig”) with the object of your vitriol to London artist Mr. Bingo. For 50 pounds, the puckish prankster will package it into a spiffy postcard and drop it in the mail. It’s like Tourette’s on the go.

“All this is comedy,” he says. “It’s clear that the hate mail is a joke and that I’m only sending it to people who want it.” In other words, it’s all in good fun. He also refrains from illustrating racist, homophobic, or disability-related insults. Plus, the receiver ends up with a piece of free art. So successful has his insult enterprise been that Mr. Bingo is now making a book via Kickstarter. The goal was crushed long ago, so if you’re lucky, you’ll soon be getting a book in the mail.

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