Pressing Play: Walter Van Beirendonck Spring 2016

It takes a second to mentally register the over-the-topness of a Walter Van Beirendonck show, and the spring collection was no different. Models sported flashy suits with Pokemon-esque 3D lapels, and if that didn’t throw you off guard, there were fluffy clouds, cartoon decals and superhero facepaint tossed in for good measure. Upon deciphering the code, however, it was clear there was a method to the beard-toting Belgian’s madness. Underneath the Candyland-colored prints, there was some damn good tailoring and brilliant design decisions. But as if to unburden the audience with those pesky details, Beirendonck struck awe with extra-wide-brimmed, feather-encrusted mountie hats — because a regular oversized mountie is just so Pharrell 2014.

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