Sailors & Sea Monsters: Alexander McQueen Men Spring 2016

The shapes and styles of an Alexander McQueen men’s collection don’t change significantly season after season, which isn’t to say a thematic overhaul doesn’t take place. For spring 2016, held in the arches on Ewer Street, London, the much-anticipated new theme harked back to old-timey maritime adventure.

In a bit of self-fulfilling prophecy, intrepid creative director Sarah Burton reconnoitered the pre-satellite science of sea exploration, plunging the watery world not with trite Breton shirts but with bold gestures evocative of the dangers that lurk in the great unknown. She printed baggy two-piece suits and pajamas with colorful sea monsters, military decoration, compasses, and sailor tattoos. Details from windswept models to salt-washed denim set the course, but a taut knee-length, double-breasted jacket in royal blue completed the nautical journey.

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