Sex, Lies and Beehives

A bizarre little exhibit is currently on view at White Columns in New York. It tells the sordid story of a year-long affair between a German businessman, Günter (39), and his secretary and mistress, Margret (24), around 1970. The story wouldn’t be particularly remarkable except for her towering ginge beehive and the meticulous pictures and notes he kept (and locks of her pubes — ew!), all of which was recently discovered in his briefcase, abandoned in the back of a closet.

There was clearly a lot of hotel nookie, as well as fights with spouses, ever more picture-taking, and ultimately an illegal abortion. He documented it all, down to the clothes he bought her, hotel receipts, and empty cases of birth control pills. He even recorded each time they consummated, in what position, if she was menstruating, and their post-coital snacks. They broke it off in December of 1970 and his last journal entry is cut short for unknown reasons, the final mystery in a very mysterious tryst.

Margret: Chronicle of an Affair – May 1969 to December 1970, through April 18, White Columns, 320 W 13th St, NYC

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