Like Everything Else, Alexander McQueen’s Ideas of Beauty Were Not for the Faint of Heart

With a blockbuster as blockbuster-y as Savage Beauty at the V&A, it stands to reason there are going to be some satellite shows, too. Why not capitalize on the public’s piqued interest in all things Alexander McQueen? First came Tate Britain’s display of Nick Waplington’s behind-the-scenes photos of the designer’s penultimate collection. Now comes Warpaint, an exhibit focusing on McQueen’s fantastical make-up concepts at the London College of Fashion. After all, the clown faces, runny mascara, bleached eyebrows, and geometric prosthetic cheekbones were just as planned-out as the outfits.

Curated by Polona Dolzan, the exhibit of 22 make-up looks aims to decipher McQueen’s beauty inspirations, as realized by the make-up artists in McQueen’s coterie, who included Peter Philips, Val Garland, Topolino, and Sharon Dowsett. In descending order of extremeness, the exhibit’s themes are: Amplified, Deviated, and Stripped. And, as we’re living in the Digital Age, the college has also tapped into the technological prowess of the creative studio Holition to develop an app that lets visitors try on a few looks.

Warpaint: Alexander McQueen and Make-Up, April 30 – August 7, 2015, LCA’s Fashion Space Gallery, 20 John Princes Street, London