New Fashion Parodies to Keep You LOLing

Now that Instagram is the winner of the CFDA’s Media Award for Fashion Journalism (apparently that’s not a joke), the secret is very much out that the photo-sharing app is fashion’s favorite social network. For houses, there really is no better — or cheaper — means of flogging new campaigns.

Fortunately, fashion does has a sense of humor (at times) and is capable of laughing at itself (on occasion). The latest example is an inside job, Nathalie Croquet, a freelance fashion and beauty editor. Using herself as the foil in her new Spoof series, she recreates — with photographer Daniel Schweizer — an assortment of recent fashion campaigns, among them Maria-Carla Boscono’s steely gaze for Givenchy, Gisele Bunchen’s alluringly impossible repose for Isabel Marant, and Penelop Cruz’s flawless collar positioning for Lancome.

Naturally, they all debuted on her Instagram, which begs the question: How about a CFDA Parody Award? They could give it to themselves.

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