Now Comes the Lookbook for Kanye West’s New Line

Derivative, irrelevant, desperate. These were some of the barbs hurled in the wake of Kanye West’s debut with Adidas Originals, followed by alleged high-level editorial displeasure, a tabloid feud between West and Fern Mallis (considered the creator of NYFW), and those leaked prices that may just be the ultimate insult.

But for whatever it’s worth, the lookbook — which appeared in tandem with West’s concert series in Paris several days ago  — seems to have captured some of the grit and realness he’s grasping at with all those tears and rips in the clothing. The polished new veneer comes courtesy of Jackie Nickerson, an established American photographer whose work can be found in major museums the world over. Splitting her time between South Africa and Ireland, she focuses on the often difficult daily lives of local populations. 

In the lookbook, called Season Zine, she also focuses on bare breasts and prominent derrieres. You can almost hear the conversation between the two. Kanye: “I want to see a lot of big booties, like my famous and beautiful wife.” Jackie: “But I want to explore the struggle for inner nobility and what it means to belong.” Kanye: “Yeah, yeah, and lots of booties.”


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