The Decade Taste Forgot: JW Anderson Fall 2015

Homages to the eighties are nothing new, but few have been as gung-ho as the JW Anderson show in London. Jonathan Anderson sent out a knowingly garish yet polished array of graphic shapes in graphic colors; big, awkward shoulders; randomly placed fringe; enormous, shapeless leather coats; belt buckles big enough to be bookends; and leather boots scrunched up like leg warmers.

At times, pieces and pairings thereof were plain ugly — intentionally so — like one ooze-green top that looked like overgrown swamp muck paired with a skirt made entirely of tassels, itself worn with green corduroy pants. Or the opening look, a droopy gold Lurex number. Exaggerated geometric shapes for jewelry (earrings were also mismatched) and bags completed the artful Patrick Nagel sendup.

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