Act of Faith Connexion

Last year, the French label Faith Connexion, created in 2004, reinvented itself as a collective of designers and artists in an effort to tap into the power of groupthink.

In addition, Alexandre Allard, a French entrepreneur and former Balmain shareholder, acquired the brand and moved its headquarters to the Hotel de Pourtalès, a sumptuous 19th-century hotel particulier smack in the 8th arrondissement. He then assembled the new team of creatives, many of whom worked at Balmain. The fall 2015 men’s collection, the first for the brand, was presented during the Paris shows in January — an assortment of popular styles, including rock, sportswear, punk, preppy, and glam. Meanwhile, the Finnish designer Petteri Hemmila, who also hails from Balmain, created dandyish feather brooches.

The new endeavor was celebrated at a bash attended by fashion’s current rap darling, Zebra Katz, who’s modeled the collection in a series of soon-to-be-released images. Plus we hear there’s more Zebra Katz-Faith Connexion news to come. 

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