Bas Kosters Is Doing His Part to Keep Amsterdam Weird

There’s no shortage of nuttiness in fashion (we’re looking at you, Monsieur Owens), but Bas Kosters may have busted the nut-o-meter. During Amsterdam Fashion Week that just ended, the Dutch designer showed what easily could be mistaken for life-size piñatas, or particularly hallucinatory soundsuits by Nick Cave, or something out a Takashi Murakami fever-dream.

Any piece that bobs down any Bas Kosters runway is entirely hand-crafted through any combination of photo collage, decoupage, embroidery, and what’s officially known in fashion as gluing on found shiny things. As extreme as it may seem, the collection merely is the latest in the very fanciful world according to Bas, where normal quotidian questions — e.g. “Is it women’s or men’s?” — are rendered irrelevant. Quite naturally, on the side he’s involved in doll-making, jewelry design, and throwing performance-based parties in museums.