Alexander McQueen Men’s Fall 2015

Few would argue against the appeal of a man decked out in a uniform. For Alexander McQueen’s fall 2015 collection, however, Sarah Burton paid particular attention to the uniform as it was understood during the Regency period in Britain, a time synonymous with both rugged militarism and moneyed refinement. 

As such, Burton forayed into decorated officer jackets, padded parkas, truncated trousers, and updated tailcoats worthy of Beau Brummel. Many double-breasted, some of these uniforms had the words ‘honour,’ ‘valour,’ and ‘truth’ emblazoned on the front. Others were inset with a rich brocade in a deep red or green poppy flower pattern — perhaps a nod to the blood-red ceramic poppies making up the inspiring installation at the Tower of London, in remembrance of the British soldiers who died in WWI.

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