An App that Puts the Fun Back in Gifting

Generation C — as in connection, community, customization — can add another C to the mix: curation. A new and free gifting app, GiftVibes, is bringing a sense of adventure and imagination to the sometimes tedious process of shopping.

Here’s how the platform works. A user buys an item from one of the GiftVibe’s partner merchants, just like traditional online shopping. It could be an actual thing or a digital thing, like a store coupon, song files, or even a selfie (for the seriously cash-challenged). Recipients then must use their smartphone to locate an address and ‘open’ the gift — sort of like a scavenger hunt.

It’s a clever way to surprise someone with a dinner or party, or invite friends to an event. Social-media celebs and those who think they are can communicate with their fans or followers through GiftVibes, and eventually stores will use the app to offer samples and other freebies, searchable on the app’s gift map. The experience is fully customizable, down to the designer gift-wrapping. 

Get GiftVibes for Apple or Android phones

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