The Boy Who Danced Like No One Was Watching Lands a Campaign

Mired in customer apathy and a tanking stock price, American Apparel got at least one thing right when it hired 15-year-old Brendan Jordan as its next alterna-model. You’ll remember Brendon from that random local news clip that flooded your Facebook feed for several days. It’s the one in which he did what any devoted little monster would do in the presence of a camera, ignoring everything around him while gyrating and faux-pouting like Lady Gaga in her Applause video. A YouTube sensation was born.

A bit of text on the ad informs us that “Brendan is from Las Vegas, Nevada. He’s half Peruvan (his dad was born and raised in Peru) and he learned Spanish from his extended family that helped care for him. He enjoys taking photos, shopping and collecting Disney memorabilia.” Of course he does. “In the future Brendan hopes to have his own TV show and design a clothing line.” Maybe Anna Wintour can get him an internship with Marc Jacobs or Michael Kors.

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