Anti-Gift Guide 2015

Here it is, our slightly wrong yet totally right anti-gift gift guide — mostly unisex, in order of price…

Personalized Nutella jar
The ultimate stoner snack will be a lot a trippier with your name on it
£3.99/$4.67 at Selfridges locations

Clashist ‘Dapper Ryan’ socks
Because Ryan Gosling, duh
$14.95 at Clashist

Artforum magazine
The pinnacle of art journalism has popped up at DSM, selling new and vintage copies
$15 – $55 at Dover Street Market

United Bamboo ‘Catclub’
Get your paws on the NY label’s anthropomorphized calendars and greeting cards
$21 at United Bamboo

Scott Hug poster of Justin Timberlake
Limited-edition, signed by Justin — for those times you need some teenage spirit
$25 at Hell to Pay

Druthers boxers
Unused Japanese fabrics are shipped to Brooklyn to make very small batches of boxers
$25-32 ($75 subscription) at Druthers

Moschino iPhone case
This is the phone case everyone wants — until 5 minutes from now, when it’ll be a totally different case
$43 (50% off) at Moschino



Diamond Light halogen bulb
By Swedish light designer Eric Therner, a sparkling faceted bulb better left bare
€36/$45 at Hunting and Collecting

Crap ‘Diamond Brunch’ sunglasses
It doesn’t look like crap, but costs like it is
$56 at Crap

Yang Li patch set
It’s not what patches say that matters, only that they’re dark and obscure
£35/$55 at LN-CC

Oyster Books subscription
For unlimited downloads from over 500,000 titles, including your fashion faves
$60 for 6 months (recommended) at Oyster Books

Pelle soap stones
Gem-colored, vegetable-based glycerine soap, hand-cut in good ol’ Brooklyn
$64 (set of 8) at Pelle

Vinyl Me, Please subscription
A monthly album subscription where the albums are actually good
$75 – $284 (3-12 months) at Vinyl Me, Please

Nick Cave inflatable sound suit
Made for children, artist Nick Cave’s inflatable sound suit can stand on its own in a grownup art collection
$80 at Art Star

Hermès Tarot cards
Tarot cards used to be playing cards — leave it to Hermès to revive an ancient game
$85 at Hermès

Ryan McGinley beach towel
Communing with the sea, sky, and sun just got a little sexier
$95 at Artware Editions

Giambattista Valli ‘Rose Poivrée’ scented candle
In collabs with Cire Trudon, the world’s oldest candle-maker (like, 500 years old)
$95 at Net-a-Porter

Nach ‘Tiger’ ring
Hand-painted porcelain. Cheesy, but you know you want it — plus 50% goes to Planete Tigre
€80/$99 at Nach

Foxglove scent
Named after an odorless flower comes a curious fragrance from Brooklyn perfumery Joya
$112 (75 ml) at Net-a-Porter

Band of Outsiders banana pipe
Think of this fully functioning porcelain pipe as a mash-up of pop art and Dadaism
$125 at Band of Outsiders

Maison Kitsuné leather keyring
Crazy to spend over $100 on a keyring? Crazy like a fox, maybe. (Kitsune is Japanese for fox, duh)
€100/$125 at Maison Kitsune

M & Co. solid-wood blocks
Everyone needs blocks in five alphabets: Latin, Cyrillic, Hebrew, Arabic, and Japanese
$135 (set of 30) at Project No. 8

Maison Martin Margiela cloth stationery
Not just any cloth stationery, but handmade starched-cotton stationery
$140 (5 sheets & envelopes) at MMM

Larose x Pine furry caps
A cuddly collab between French hatmaker Larose and Japanese label Pine
€115/$144 at Kapadokya

Helmut Lang parfums
If the artist-designer isn’t returning to his label, at least his signature scents are back
$165 – $185 at Helmut Lang

Andy Warhol drawing
Illustrator Liz Laribee makes these tiny ink drawings on cardboard — Andy is our fave
$188 at TRNK

Katie Stout stuffed chairs
The furniture designer collab’d with knit wit Zev Schwartz on these decorative-only plush chairs
$250-$650 at Project No. 8

Côte & Ciel backpack
Sometimes you want your backpack to be a carryall — but other times, a briefcase
$295 at Côte & Ciel

Marc Jacobs fake beanie
His holiday beanie collaboration with Yestadt Millinery looks like knit, but it is not
$350 – $1500 at Marc Jacobs

Raf Simons for Adidas sneakers
The Dior designer’s take on the classic Stan Smiths are selling out fast
$455 at Dover Street Market

Yayoi Kusama pumpkin cushion
A polka-dot plush pumpkin by the Japanese artist (and Marc Jacobs collaborator) is sure to spice up any sofa
$500 at Paddle8

Delfina Delettrez ‘Lip Pierce’ earrings
The Fendi scion combines body parts and surrealism in her jewelry line, to cultish effect
$520 at Dover Street Market

Rick Owens horn lighter
An opposite-of-convenient horn sculpture to insert your Bic, finally
$580 at Grange Hall

Lanvin pewter ring
Set with rows of black and platinum cut-glass pieces
$615 at LN-CC

Les Petits Joueurs clutch
Perspex + smiley face + Lego + chain strap = all your favorite things in one bag
$622 at Number 4

Dior Homme ‘Bee’ cufflinks
Bees will never disappear when linked to your cuffs — black lacquer on palladium
$680 at Dior Homme

Flosstradamus guerrilla Louis Vuitton bags
When not making music, the DJ duo adds their acid-green exclamation logo to old LV bags
$800 at VFiles

Linus ‘Roadster 8’ bicycle
Inspired by French bike design of the 1950s & 60s
$869 at Linus

Dualit gold toaster
The world’s first 24-karat gold toaster, hand-assembled by one person whose name is engraved on the base
£1,000/$1,565 at Selfridges

Saint Laurent ‘Festival’ Backpack
$1750 at Saint Laurent

Lee Hale sterling-silver ‘Nose’ box
Who knows what compelled the artist to make it — only the nose knows
$2250 at Grange Hall

Nymphenburg porcelain skull
Death doesn’t get more beautiful than a painted skull from the Bavarian porcelain company
$7,380 at Crest & Co.


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Mattia Bonetti ‘Archetype’ table lamp
Scoff at the price if you will. Just know that it’s bronze, Murano glass, and art
$10,000 at Paul Kasmin

Just One Eye disaster relief kit
If you’re in a doomsday mood, just grab the Ulysses Tier 1 disaster relief kit, created with US Navy SEALS
$12,500 exclusively at Just One Eye (another $500 for pet supplies)

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