Something to Do with Your Old Purses and Compacts

By themselves, the miniature nature scenes painstakingly realized by Australian artist Kendal Murray aren’t particularly compelling or provocative — other than an obsessive attention to detail that went into them. But when arranged on found objects, such as old purses and compacts, they take on a hyper-real poignancy, a smaller and more private private Idaho. These dioramas, with their rhyming yet nonsensical titles, appear to have sprung out of the object itself, like little big bangs, for a repurposed raison d’être.

Declare Scare Swear

Discreet Sweet Deceit

Esteem Dream

Foresake Double-Take


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Fun Run Dry Run

Ambition Acquisition

Hide and Seek Sneak Technique

Hound Found Common Ground

Bye Bye Reply Awry

Seaside Stride Pride Confide

Zoom Consume Boom

Come Around Lost or Found

Disguise Surprise

Exclaim Disclaim Ballgame

Face Off Show Off

Humming Forthcoming

Parkland Heartland

Seek Peak So to Speak

Seeker Speaker

Solitary Momentary

Tour Guide Bona Fide Implied

Yield Concealed Afield

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