Something Different: Disney Characters Grace the Glossies

Like so many great works of art through the ages, the creator of these faux magazine covers — glamorizing princesses and princes from Disney’s most celebrated and adored films — is unknown. Which of course adds to the magic. Diehard DIsney fans will assert they could only have come from the studio, given the cleverness of the headlines: Jasmine’s Favorite Bikini Bazaars, From the Cinders to the Balls, Everything’s Hotter Under the Water, Grumpy Speaks Out. So good! In a way, we almost don’t want to know who the artist is, preferring instead to believe the covers are real, because Once Upon a Time…

Cinderella on Elle

Princess Tiana on Vanity Fair

Scar on Vanity Fair

Mulan on Harper’s Bazaar

Prince Charming on GQ

Princess Jasmine on Cosmopolitan

Princess Aurora on Glamour

Ariel on Seventeen

John Smith on Details

Rapunzel on Teen Vogue

The Beauty and the Beast on National Geographic

Prince Philip on Esquire

Tinker Bell on InStyle

Hercules on Men’s Fitness

Megara on Marie Claire

Belle on Jalouse

Prince Eric on Men’s Journal

Prince Ferdinand on Men’s Vogue

Prince Ali on Time

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