Kate Moss to Have a Cameo in David Walliams’ The Boy in the Dress (Not As the Title Character)

David Walliams has a way with the supermodel ladies. He and wifey Lara Stone are pretty much inseparable. And now comes word that Kate Moss will appear in the comedian’s The Boy In the Dress, his children’s book that he’s furiously adapting for BBC1 in time for the holidays. The subject is typically controversial Walliams-like material, about a twelve-year-old boy who crossdresses. “It is a funny and poignant story about what it is to be different,” Walliams told The Telegraph.

Therefore, the supe will play herself in a fantasy sequence that is not like other boys’ fantasies. Moss and Walliams have been friends forever, so the announcement isn’t hugely surprising — but intriguing nonetheless. And there’s more good news; Walliams has tapped another UK favorite to appear, none other than Jennifer Saunders, she of Ab Fab fabulosity. 

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