Gisele Plays a Convincing Woman Who Has It All in the New Chanel N°5 Film

Here’s Gisele hamming it up with Baz Luhrmann at last night’s launch of his short film for Chanel N°5. You can tell by her outstretched limbs that she’s definitely having loads of fun. Loads. Definitely. And why not? Not only is she the face of the world’s most famous fragrance, she’s also the star of the short, which tells the story of a woman who has it all — family, career, love. Clearly, autobiographical. She even finds time to hit the waves on a Chanel surfboard. Never mind that it’s a non-speaking role because those limbs speak for themselves.

If the film, which opens to the public October 15, whiffs of feminist idealism, it’s probably not a coincidence. Karl Lagerfeld seems quite taken with the topic. He had some colorful words to say about his somewhat controversial Chanel collection, which some thought trivialized hard-won women’s rights. “I couldn’t care less if people are for or against [it],” he quipped to Fashionista, clearly unmoved by the criticisms. “It’s my idea. I like the idea of feminism being something lighthearted, not a truck driver for the feminist movement.”

Karl Lagerfeld, Gisele Bundchen, Baz Luhrmann

Lily Allen

Lexi Boling

Karlie Kloss

Caroline de Maigret

Gigi Hadid

Update 10/15/14: Here’s the final version, unveiled today…

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