Helmut Lang’s Signature Scents Are Back

If Helmut Lang isn’t ever returning to his label, at least his three signature scents are making a comeback. His women’s and men’s fragrances were launched in 2000 and 2001, respectively, while his second men’s cologne, Cuiron, was added in 2002. All three were discontinued in 2005 when the designer, after selling all his shares to Prada, left the building.

Now, almost ten years later, after Prada sold to Link Theory, the company thinks it’s a good time to reintroduce the trio. Considering there’s a huge cult following for the originals, why not? While purists will no doubt know the difference, the scents have now been reissued in all their musky glory that calls to mind both clean laundry and morning-after bedsheets.

$185 (Eau de Parfum, Eau de Cologne), $165 (Cuiron) for 100 ml at Helmut Lang stores and online

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