Lena Dunham to Spiff Up the LGBT Community on HBO

Bindle & Keep sounds like one of those made-to-measure old-school tailors on Savile Row. And in a way, it is, although for a different sort of gentleman. The Brooklyn-based suit-makers specializing in bespoke suits for men, women, and in-between clients of all identifying kinds recently got a major boost with a feature in the New York Times. Now it’s getting an HBO documentary produced by Lena Dunham and her production company, A Casual Romance Productions, along with her Girls co-producer Jenni Konner.

Called Three Suits, the doc will explore the relatively unexplored terrain of transitioning formal attire. It will follow several transgender clients as they have custom suits made by Bindle & Keep, through the fittings and unique situations posed by unique circumstances. It will likely be every bit as charmingly awkward and gratingly heart-warming as Girls. Or as Dunham tweeted yesterday, “Breaking down binaries.”

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