Dewi Bekker Is Standing Out from the Crowd

BORN is a new crowdfunding site with a focus on style. Dewi Bekker is a new men’s designer with a collection to fund.

While studying fashion design at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, Netherlands, Bekker interned with Bernhard Willhelm and Hannes Kettritz. Those familiar with Willhelm’s work will recognize his cheeky experimentation in Bekker’s playful take on menswear. She says she’s searching for the perfect balance between the mundane and humorous through her use of unconventional materials — cork, tape, felt, plastic beads — and bright color palette.

So far she’s reached just over 10% of her €8000 goal on BORN, based in Luxembourg, with two and a half months to go. If she reaches her goal, she’ll use it to create and produce a new and second collection. In the process she may have also discovered the next business model for rising designers.

Visit Dewi Bekker on BORN