Finally, a Leather Case in Any Shape for Any Occasion

If you happen to need a leather case custom-made to the dimensions of, say, your favorite recliner, trophy collection, kitchen sink, the letter L — anything, basically — Sarah Williams is there for you. With her company, Williams Handmade, the graduate of the London College of Art (who majored in Fashion Artefact, hmmm) harnesses the power of age-old craftsmanship to concoct hand-held marvels of engineering, some of which look like they belong in a museum. Well, in fact, Williams exhibited in the recent Power of Craft exhibition at the V&A.

Williams’ futuro-artisanal cases and bags aren’t just for moneyed eccentrics whose every move is made-to-measure. Aside from her bespoke service, she crafts of-this-earth satchels, wallets, and, most recently, sandals. They may not get as many gawks as a U-shaped suitcase or an S-shaped briefcase, but they’ll last just as long because her leather, all of it, is only the finest. In the end, each piece is truly handmade, usually by Sarah Williams herself.

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