Cassandra Verity Green Takes the Plunge for Her First Collection

That thing you’ve always wanted to do, tote around a fishbowl as an accessory, is now possible, thanks to the London designer Cassandra Verity Green, who’s made quite the splash with her first collection since graduating from Central Saint Martins. Aptly called Neptune’s Daughter, the range is based on the 1949 aqua-musical of the same name, starring the quasi-mermaid actress Esther Williams, as well as the designer’s own grandmother, a 50s beauty queen. Hence the swimming caps, bright tights, and a bubbly insouciance.

While she brings a playful sense of avant-absurdism to the notion of luxury It bags, Verity Green is primarily a knit designer. So framing those eye-popping mobile fishbowls are her unique frizzy style of knit, incorporating coral-colored or transparent threads and crystal beading to create biomorphic shapes and prickly textures resembling undulating underwater sea anemones — not unlike the Internet phenomenon Seapunk. The result is a vibrant, slightly retro look that serves as both the bait and the catch.

Visit Cassandra Verity Green. Buy the fishbowl backpack at Not Just a Label