Get Ready for Kate Moss’s Little Sister

If you were Kate Moss’s little sister (ok, half-sister), wouldn’t you have a go at modeling? Meet Lottie Moss. Earlier this year, the dewy 16-year-old signed with Storm Models, Kate’s famed alma mater, and now finds herself the face of one of her big sister’s greatest legacies, Calvin Klein Jeans. 

In a shrewd move, Calvin Klein Jeans is reviving its halcyon heyday, that of a brooding, muscle-rippling Marky Mark and an alluring, doe-eyed Kate Moss. Remember the duo’s billboard domination of 1993? Thus, the label has launched the Re-Issue Project, a capsule of nine denim staples of that era — i.e. the jeans jacket, the short shorts, and the ‘boyfriend’ jeans worn by Moss in the 90s, as well as “cK” sweatshirts and tees — sold exclusively on Mytheresa from July 15, 2014. 

An earlier Calvin Klein classic by at least a decade, Brooke Shields (sans underwear), was immortalized by Richard Avedon, so it makes a good deal of sense that his grandson, Michael Avedon, would photograph Lottie, looking every bit as waifish as her big sis.

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