Happy 50th, Courtney Love!

There’s no telling what you’re up to right now, Courtney, on your 50th birthday. 50th! But we’re pretty sure you’ll make it known soon enough. Judging from history, it’s probably something highly debauched and loads of fun — the stuff of legend. Nothing but the best on this crazy milestone. Did you ever think you’d make it to half a century?

Although, judging from your restraint at Coachella, where a cigarette seemed to be the extent of your self-indulgence (and, surely it was a smokeless e-cigarette), maybe you’re a changed woman. A new you! Come to think of it, you did seem fairly put-together at Life Ball last month. And there was your perfectly decent appearance at Nirvana’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, where you were all but maternal with Lorde. Plus, you hugged Dave Grohl onstage! And who could forget your earnest attempt to spot the missing Malaysian plane?

So maybe we have it all wrong. Maybe, just maybe, the proverbial battle of good versus evil that has always raged in your head and weighed on your conscience, has finally been won. We’ll side with your daughter, Frances Bean, whose sweet tweet today pretty much says it all. Whatever the case, happy 50th! 

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