Stars Are Out: Louis Vuitton Men’s Spring 2015

The invitation proclaimed Volez Voguez Voyagez (Flying Floating Traveling) with a crisp new triple-V logo embossed on it. After a trip to Rajasthan, and a sojourn in Jaipur (India’s ‘Pink City’), Vuitton’s men’s director Kim Jones was in a dreamy mood, proclaiming, “Last season’s collection was about looking down at the earth from above, this time we’re looking up at the stars.”

And it seemed like our stargazer came from the time of space obsession, with a soft on-trend 70’s silhouette. Trousers kicked and flared, and shirts were worn belted in with volume, emblazoned with a fantastic optical update of the Karakoram zigzag print. He even updated the classic Indian mirror embroidery, with LV engraved on the tiny mirrors, mimicking the constellations of the stars. With the unbearable heat beating down on us in the glasshouse, it seemed like the summer of love was in full swing, soundtracked by the one and only Kate Bush who made a remix of her classic ‘Hounds Of Love’ especially for Kim.

There were beautiful standout pieces, like an impeccable nubuck trench with embossed-leather buttons, and perfect cropped bomber jackets that came in shocking pink and NASA orange. A neat little twist came in the non-monogrammed trunks that included a guitar case and a composer’s case, which held everything our dreamer needed to take a trip and compose under the stars.

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