United Colors: Burberry Men’s Spring 2015

Exploration, wanderlust, and the pull of the great unknown informed Christopher Bailey’s men’s collection for Burberry. In rich jewel, sunset, and a few pastel tones, he sent out a triumphant medley of outdoorsy men’s pieces: trenches, duffle coats, safari-style jackets, cords, and ombre polo shirts. He mixed these with stunningly mismatched velvet suits, oversized cardigans, jaunty carrés, and rainbow-colored sneakers that it seems, as we head into the Milan and Paris men’s shows, no spring collection would be complete without.

Restricted to British themes, Bailey nonetheless never fails to find suitable inspiration on which to hang a collection, often in the form of a real person. This time that person was Bruce Chatwin, the celebrated English travel writer, sometime archeologist, and full-time adventure-seeker. Before succumbing to AIDS in 1989, Chatwin had traveled the world, written voluminously on the peoples he encountered, and struck up lifelong friendship wherever he went, the latest being the documentarian Werner Herzog. Chatwin also harbored an obsession with Moleskine journals, represented by Bailey in leather rucksacks, totes, and notebooks printed with the covers of Chatwin’s books.

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