This Might Change Your Mind About the Dress Lupita Wore to the Met Gala

Lupita Nyong’o nearly derailed her still-fledgling image as a red-carpet natural when she wore an all-over beaded and feathered Prada number (can it really be called a dress?) to the Met Gala. Some likened it to a Native American dreamcatcher, others to a Christmas tree. Either way, it was well on its way to becoming this year’s floral sofa trainwreck, then this video surfaced. Lupita, while chatting with Andre Leon Talley on the red carpet, calls it her Taxi dress, in reference to Charles James’ dress of the same name that could, theoretically, be changed into while being jostled around in a cab. She’s clearly done her homework, or at least had his Wiki page read to her, which is more than we can say for most slebs. It’s (almost) enough for us to retract our first judgment

You might as well plant yourself here and watch a continuous stream of chats with Andre, although no one fares as well as Lupita.