Hooked: Causse x Yazbukey

Since its founding over 120 years ago, Chanel-owned Causse has been making fine luxury gloves worthy of a princess. What a coincidence! Their latest partnership is with none other than Yazbukey, the quirky Paris-based jewelry and accessories label launched in 2000 by, according to self-styled lore, an Ottoman princess with ties to Egypt’s ruling class in the 19th century.

The collaboration consists of three pairs of black leather gloves with a matching plexiglass box. Built around three motifs — eyes, mouth, fingers — the capsule adds a touch of pop modernity to the heritage house. Founded in 1892, Causse was recently acquired by Chanel as part of its Paraffection project to preserve France’s traditional métiers d’art. Not only does the family-run maison create the gloves for Chanel’s couture and ready-to-wear collections, they also handcraft those that have become part of Karl Lagerfeld’s signature, as ubiquitous as his shades and ponytail.

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