Revolting 90s Things We’d Rather See Than a Michael Alig Comeback

Michael Alig is being released from prison in less than two weeks, after serving 17 years behind bars for killing Angel Melendez. It was a particularly gruesome murder. By his own admission, a drug-addled Michael injected Angel with Drano after Michael’s friend, Freeze, bashed his head with a hammer, following an argument over a drug debt. Michael proceeded to hack off Angel’s limbs and dump the rest of the body in the Hudson River.

Now 47, Michael is plotting a post-incarceration comeback having to do with his as-yet-unfinished memoirs (called Aligula — get it?). But so far his attempts to mythologize himself and glamorize the dark side of 90s clubland has been falling on deaf ears. The sad truth is, there is a permanent pall surrounding Michael that no amount of faux contrition, clown paintings or funny tweets can clear away. Michael represents all that was corrupt, loathsome, and unoriginal about the 90s. Not even these other 90s things are more revolting…

Fashion Cafe

Beanie Babies

Justin’s frosted hair

Bijou Phillips

LA Gear workout sneakers

White guys with dreads


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