Art Imitating Life, YSL Beauté Has Cara Delevingne Kissed By a Girl for Its Latest Campaign

YSL Beauté has released campaign images for its new Kiss and Blush cosmetics line, seemingly ripped from the headlines — those headlines being Cara Delevingne locking lips with her partner, the actress Michelle Rodriguez, every chance they get.

In the coral-lipped, bushy-browed images, North Carolina model Ondria Hardin looks ready to plant one on the British supe, and the British supe is hardly pushing back. They then appear to take the action inside.

The real-life couple was spotted on a trip to Cancun, Mexico, last week. While taking a dip in the ocean, Cara accidentally on purpose lost her bikini top, but continued frollicking in the waves and smooching Michelle. 

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