Never Say Anja Rubik Doesn’t Have a Sense of Humor

Proving that models can too have a sense of humor, Anja Rubik stars in this intentionally low-tech music video for Mister D, the alter ego of Polish author Dorota Masłowska. Anja took time out from a busy schedule of glamour-posing for the likes of Vogue Paris, Chloé and Fendi to play a kind of trashy glitter princess, gallivanting around a dismal cityscape in a diamante tiara, a denim mini-skirt and fishnets.

It’s unclear what exactly is happening in the Polish-speaking video, other than presenting a dystopian vision typical of Dorota Masłowska’s cynical outlook. She first gained notoriety in 2005 with her first book, Snow White and Russian Red, controversial for its bleak and vulgar portrayal of Polish life. It has since been translated into all the major languages. Masłowska now lives in Berlin and makes post-punk music, still with a sardonic socio-political bent. Her latest album is called Society Is Mean.

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