Noritaka Tatehana’s Beautiful Junk

Maker of heelless wonders, Noritaka Tatehana has been very busy of late. Not only has he launched an exhibition — A Beautiful Junk Installation (on view through mid-June 2014), filled with silver-painted debris, including his signature foot towers — at Trading Museum Comme de Garçons in Tokyo, he’s also opened an art space of his own. Named after its tiny size, Pocket sits in the back of the T6M shop in Ebisu, Tokyo, a stockist of Tatehana and Yoichiro Kitadate’s cult sneaker brand The Daughters.

Pocket opened with an exhibition of works by illustrator Komtena, aka Yoshitaro Yamazaki, and manga artist Nobuki Kato, a manga artist and member of the avant-garde manga collective mashcomix. Opening March 20 at Pocket, a selection of door plates ($125 each) with “wacky words you do not see everyday.”

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