Marc Jacobs’ Dog Has More Followers Than You and Us Put Together

Move over Choupette, there’s a new fashion pet getting all the clicks — and Marc Jacobs’ bull terrier, Neville, is doing it doggy-style. While he isn’t as hilariously catty as Choupette, his photogenic sloping snout and dapper brindle coat are blowing up his Instagram, which recently spiked to 33,500 — and counting fast. Such enviable digits are likely to reignite a social-media feud between the house mascots, despite a relative calm of late.

Not only is Neville Jacobs getting all the clicks, he’s getting the girls. Christy Turlington and Cara Delevingne can’t seem to get enough of his debonair demeanor, while Jessica Hart can barely contain her passion, randily pressing up against his body with her bare breasts. Though he has yet to score a magazine cover like Choupette (German Vogue), much less launch a range of accessories, he was asked by Love to take over its website while under construction. Who can resist his canine charms? 

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