Vladimir Putin Is Now a Butt Plug

The highly entertaining global ridicule of Vladimir Putin and his shameful anti-gay laws is hitting a new high — by going low. After sissified images of the Russian president in make-up, an interactive app that lets users dress him in lingerie, and matrioshkas in the likeness of gay icons delivered to the Kremlin, Putin the Asshole is now getting exactly what he deserves — a butt plug.

Florida-based graphic designer Fernando Sosa created the 3D-printed masterpiece — his second such figurine, following a similar tail-end tribute to Chris Christie — because, he says, “Russia is bringing an all-out war against the civil rights of gay people in Russia. Leading the charge is Mr. Putin and his homophobic leadership.”

The Putin plug is a bargain at $23. However, you may want to wait until a skin-safe silicone version is made. This early model is printed from abrasive sandstone and absolutely must NOT be used as a sex toy. Ouch!

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