Snake Charming: Cédric Charlier Fall 2014

Those looking for high-concept would not have found it in Cédric Charlier’s fall 2014 collection in Paris. At first glance, the garments seemed like minimalist blocks of color — been there, saw that, got the souvenir. But here was a case for actually attending shows, because if you looked closely, there was a feast of texture, pattern, and shine.

Monsieur Charlier churned out another one of his sleek and hypnotizing collections, which was forgivably reminiscent of his past garments. What made it spectacular was the Zen-like place the Belgian designer must have been in when selecting his exquisite fabrics. Literal and abstract snake prints were the breakout motif — although Charlier also charmed us with clever uses of satin and lambskin.

And though there was the occasional awkward accessory — such as a fur bag that seemed like more of an afterthought — Charlier’s swoon-worthy coats more than made up for it.

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