Money Where Your Mouse Is: David Bailey T-Shirts

British photographer David Bailey — whom our Vivien Lash credits for inventing the Swinging Sixties, no less — is having a moment. A retrospective of his nearly 60-year career, Stardust, has just opened at London’s National Portrait Gallery. Culled by the man himself, it’s a must-stop for the fashion pack en route from the New York shows.

A commemorative series of unisex T-shirts has also launched, made in collaboration with the East London creative agency The Bleach Room. One per decade, the six fronts — comprised of tweaked versions of his famous portraits of Mick Jagger, Boy George, Michael Caine, Grace Jones, John Lennon, and Johnny Depp — show the breadth and persistence of the still-working lensman.

£70 at Selfridges and €85 ($115) at Colette