Hint Tip: Marcelo Krasilcic’s Phofoam

Foam is loads of fun and full of cheer, two qualities that make it an ideal prop for Brazilian-American photographer Marcelo Krasilcic, whose upbeat fashion photos have appeared in Elle, L’Officiel and Purple. Opening February 6, he’ll exhibit new mixed-media works incorporating polyurethane foam, the latest in a performative series started in Fire Island Pines last August, in which he invited audience members to don foam scraps of various sizes and colors. They were then asked to take selfies and upload them to social media using the hashtag #phofoam, a fitting word mash-up. Foam pieces will also be on hand during the opening (February 6, 6-9 pm) to continue the selfie indulgence.

#PHOFOAM, February 6–28, 2014, OSMOS Address, 50 E. 1st Street, NYC

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