Fun with Man Buns

Like men in skirts and men in tights, men with buns (or muns) are nothing new. But with the award-season ascent of Jared Leto and his varied tonsorial displays, they seem to be having a moment. And where there’s a moment, there’s a blog. Fuckyeahmenwithbuns is a no bells, no whistles Tumblr that collects assorted pics of said men with buns.

Some of the site’s men look like magazine tears, while other look user-submitted. (Is there a difference anymore?) What’s important to note is the wide range of styles: Zulu bun, beach bun, arty bun, Rasta bun, sass bun, and so on. Very cute, but if you ask us, there’s one glaring omission: the bottom bun! Wait, what would that be exactly? Never mind. Here are some of the sexiest top buns from Fuck Yeah, Men With Buns…

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