How Model Josephine Skriver Is Standing Out from the Already Tall Pack

Though she retains a baby face, Josephine Skriver has come a long way since her wee years modeling for Pampers. In 2011, the Danish model was among the freshest of that year’s fresh faces, walking for the likes of Calvin Klein, Gucci, Chanel, and Yves Saint Laurent, and memorably closing the Prada show. Then last year she graduated from newcomer status with a stroll down Victoria’s Secret runway. Indubitably, she’s all grown up now.

But Skriver is hardly content to keep eyes ogling, male or otherwise. You see, she’s the proud daughter of a gay mother and father — actually, two sets of gay parents — and is emerging as a vocal advocate on behalf of the LGBT community. Starting last year, the self-described rainbow kid has been speaking openly and eloquently about her unconventional yet perfectly normal family. It won’t be long before she gets more activist, we hope, perhaps even dipping her toe in political waters. Plus she has one of the cheeriest Instagram pages you’ll ever see, full of funny face-making. That, too, is a cause to célèbre.

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