Hairy Situation: Charlie le Mindu Spring 2014 Haute Coiffure

Citroën’s newly opened showroom in Paris seemed like a strange choice for hair artist Charlie le Mindu’s Haute Coiffure show this season, but it soon became clear that it was the ideal setting. All of the models were revealed immediately as they entered the space via a huge industrial glass-sided car lift in their skintight latex bodysuits and brightly colored headpieces. Then, all of the lights went off, and the whole collection was shown in the dark.

Le Mindu based the show on the Internet phenomenon known as Seapunk with a mashed-up soundtrack encompassing everything from happy hardcore to chopped ’n’ screwed. The name Seapunk is credited to Brooklyn-based DJ Lilinternet, who claims to have had a surreal dream about a punk leather jacket on which the studs were barnacles. It is exactly the kind of obtuse reference we’ve come to expect from the enfant terrible Le Mindu. His models writhed their way down the catwalk, trance-like, with fantastical headpieces made from specially crafted phosphorescent hair glowing under black light. They really did look like sea creatures from the deep, with their tentacles and fins. One piece looked a delightfully elegant jellyfish!

Apparently it took Le Mindu months of work in the dark, working by black light, to create the fantastical pieces in just the right colors. Although he’s certainly no stranger to the night life, starting out cutting hair on the dance floors of Berlin clubs. The finale of the show had Brazilian dancer Keiona Mitchell Lanvin voguing his way across the floor and head-banging his multicolored hair to the steadily throbbing beat — a perfect moment. Le Mindu had returned to his dance floor roots.

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