Machu Picchu Calling: Louis Vuitton Men’s Fall 2013

Louis Vuitton’s menswear director Kim Jones knows the luggage-rooted DNA of the company all too well. He always finds a new journey to take us on and this season was no exception. This time we started in cyberspace, trawling the net and marveling at the topographical forms and aerial views that satellite photographs show us of South America and outer space. These forms were then hand-painted across the runway and exit, a neat allegory for the human spirit, as the show notes stated: “We looked at aerial photographs of Machu Picchu. Then, we went into those areas and found the finest local materials.”

The mood was upbeat with a laid-back feel, layered to perfection with just the right amount of coat-perched-on-shoulder and casual hyper-luxury. Said shoulders were softened and the silhouette was large but not bulky and the materials detailed in the notes were beautiful, with the finest cashmere, alpaca, and rare vicuna. The collision of digital and artisanal produced a wonderfully rich collection, like an archaeological dig. The reworking of Peruvian striped blankets on coating worked particularly well, producing a wonderful graphic effect that stayed on the right side of chic.

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