Croc-Watching: Walter Van Beirendonck Men’s Fall 2014

Need a super-sized serving of color, print and kook? Look no further than Walter Van Beirendonck’s men’s collection for fall, a brilliant mash-up of tribal patterns and vintage military themes.

Van Beirendonck typically uses patterns and textures like a French chef uses butter. Which is to say, often and with little regard for those who can’t stomach it. Case in point: the combination of striped vests and neon leggings, which were then combined with fuzzy army helmets and toothy high-tops. Other head-scratching elements from the Belgian designer were acid-yellow fun fur and striped rugby scarves.

While the title, Crossed Crocodile Growl, offered little in the way of explanation, except for croc-embossed leather trousers, those looking for deeper meaning could ponder the phrase “Stop Racism,” splashed across some of the Native American headdresses — an extra morsel for thought in a very rich collection.

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