Après-Golf: Moncler Gamme Bleu Fall 2014

Layer upon layer upon layer — that’s the Thom Browne way. In that light, it makes complete sense to introduce women’s looks in his Gamme Bleu après-ski men’s line for Moncler, which, despite the French name, is an Italian company. Never mind that there is already a Gamme Rouge women’s line. And why stop there? Let’s stir in a golf theme so that, in addition to quilted down mountain jackets in every conceivable shape and style, we now have an argyle quotient. While many pieces were clearly intended to be jolting showpieces, others were calmer in their cleverness — like a smashing quilted jumpsuit with a subtle gray argyle print — and will likely have interesting lives off the runway.

The sky was already the limit for the American designer, who surpasses all other American designers in terms of fanciful imagination. But now that Moncler is flush with capital from a recent IPO, there really is nothing stopping his most surreal ideas from becoming reality.

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