Tantalizing Fashion Predictions for 2014

If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s that fashion is completely unpredictable. Surprises await at every turn. Still, we can’t help ourselves from making a few predictions for 2014, some based in fact, others pulled out of thin air…

Hedi Slimane ventures into couture at Saint Laurent.
We’ve heard whispers. Plus, his women’s collections already look a lot like couture.

More shakeups at Louis Vuitton.
The arrival of Nicolas Ghesquière is just the beginning.

Fashion and technology will continue their lovefest.
Not just Google Glass. Think display helmets, smart watches, 3-D printed jewelry, self-buttoning jackets.

Raf Simons’ commitment to the art world will become official.
He might open a gallery, join the Board of a major museum, or launch a Dior-funded art foundation.

Someone will be investigated and possibly arrested.
It could be a sex scandal involving underage models.

Giorgio Armani will retire and make a bold decision regarding his successor.
He’ll turn 80, after all, and he finally joined the Camera della Moda in November.

Martin Margiela will come out from self-imposed seclusion.
It’s believed he’s living and/or working in Rio now. Where better to make a post-retirement appearance?

Lady Gaga will lose interest in fashion/art and star in a Broadway musical.
Can’t you totally see that happening?

All things 90s.
Logos, neon, Victor Alfaro, grunge, more supermodel cameos, Marc Jacobs returning to NYC full-time.

A major house will abandon the runway in favor of cozy presentations.
Givenchy, Lanvin, Oscar de la Renta? Definitely not Chanel.

China will disappoint.
Despite breathless proclamations to the contrary, China’s contribution to fashion will be limited to consumption.

John Galliano will finally find a new home.
And it won’t be what anyone expects.

A long-awaited major magazine will launch in France.
And it may spell the end for another magazine.

Someone with the power to do so will tell Kanye West to go away and he does.
This isn’t a prediction so much as a wish. 

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