Maison Kitsune Holds Your Curiosity a Little Longer

Just because the holidays are over doesn’t mean you can’t still buy things for other people, only to keep them for yourself. Maison Kitsuné’s Cabinet de Curiosités, curated by journalist Thomas Erber, has been extended through January due to “high international interest.” Which isn’t surprising, considering the high oddness factor of the mostly men’s items, many of which are limited-edition.

Upon a cursory glance, here are the curiouser of the curiosities we saw: a baseball bat that says “Fuck I Love You” by RAIF Adelberg ($3080): a right-angled hat called the Leonard, in honor of Leonard Cohen, by Yashkathor ($770); a device recharger in the shape of a stone by Alexandre De Betak ($1500); and our favorite, Batglass and Catglass shades by Maison Bonnet ($4000 for a set of four).

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