Cindy Bruna

Prada has released a preview of its spring 2014 ad campaign. It is, as always for photog Steven Meisel, a beautiful image. But among all the daring colors in the collection, one color jumps out the most — and her name is Cindy Bruna. The African-French model is the third woman of color ever to appear in a Prada campaign. Just last season it was Malaika Firth (who it’s thought will also appear in the final version of the spring campaign), and nearly 20 years before that with Naomi Campbell. For the record, this is essentially Cindy Bruna’s first major booking. Needless to say, she has a very bright future.

Here’s what Miuccia Prada had to say about the women’s faces in the spring collection: “I saw them as strong, visible fighters. We need to be fighters in general. There is this debate about women again, and I want to interpret it. My instrument is fashion. I use my instrument to be bold. I had this idea that if you wear clothes so exaggerated and out there, people will look, and then they will listen.”

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