Mother London to Russia: It’s Cool to Be Gay

Mother London, the UK creative agency that came up with these cheeky matryoshka nesting dolls, say the Christmas project is “designed to stick two fingers up at homophobia in Russia.” You can imagine which two fingers they are.

The hand-painted gay icons are, in order of decreasing girth: Elton John, George Michael, Stephen Fry, Graham Norton, and Tom Daley. The dolls are being auctioned online ( through December 22, with all proceeds going to the Kaleidoscope Trust, an organization working to advance the human rights of LGBT people internationally.

And here’s the coup de grâce. Over Christmas, Mother will deliver a doll set to the Russian Embassy in London and the Kremlin itself, as an act of solidarity with the gay men and women of Russia. Says the agency: “The Russian LGBT community is facing increasingly harsh treatment at the hands of authorities. Attacks on gay people are rising, in a country where homosexuality has been classified as a mental illness since 1999. In short, the Russian gay community needs help. So, this Christmas, Mother is sending something To Russia With Love.”

Meanwhile, the Obama administration is sticking its own two fingers up by declaring yesterday that no one from the White House would be attending the Opening Ceremony of the Sochi Winter Olympics in February. But they are sending a delegation of athletes that conspicuously includes tennis legend Billie Jean King and hockey great Caitlin Cahow. When they’re done with Putin, we hope they’ll be dispatched to slap some sense into America’s own reigning homophobe, Liz Chennn…we can’t even get the name out.